Long-term, Safe Help for Depression and Anxiety and Other Bad Moods

I stumbled across this book because my mom was reading it during our family vacation. She heard about it from my sister, who sings its praises. If you or anybody in your family suffers from depression, anxiety, the blahs, or emotional oversensitivity, I highly recommend this book. You will learn that those four conditions I just mentioned are “false moods.” It’s OK to feel them, but if you are stuck in one of those moods, you are missing out on healthy moods. The author, Julia Ross, has questionnaires in this book to help you determine if you fall into one of the false moods. She has a specific nutritional plan to treat each of the false moods. One of my family members suffers from anxiety. We started the treatment for it as recommended in this book, along with counseling, and a weekly class called Eternal Warriors, and now the anxiety attacks are gone. I can’t recommend this book highly enough! The author’s main point is that you can change the way you feel by the nutrition you give your body. She recommends a Nourishing Traditions diet with plenty of good healthy saturated fat along with nutritional supplements, namely amino acids like 5HTP, which my family is using to treat anxiety. 

I had to chuckle when I read what she said about eating fat: when you return to eating whole fat like sour cream and butter, it’s like coming home to old friends and feeling happy again. This book is a companion book to the author’s other book, The Diet Cure, which talks about eliminating food cravings. Again, the solution is to get the right fat into your body: butter, good cod liver oil, sour cream, and animal fat.

The videos below give you a great overview of her nutritional philosophy.

The first video introduces why it’s important to find alternative, nutritional treatment for bad moods, instead of using prescription drugs.

The second video below has a memorable line, “Junk moods come from junk foods!” Such true words! You can’t feed your body and brain any old, junky, even if it’s tasty food, and expect to be happy and well! Feed your brain the raw materials your brain needs to produce good moods!

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