Burned Out with Scouts, and My Baby is No Longer a Baby

We’ve had a fun few months of Scouting. Cowboy started Cub Scouts. It is fun to see someone so eager about Scouting, because I certainly am not. He is number 4 son to start Cubs, and I am burned out on Scouting! There is no end in sight!  I’ve got him and then another son to go. With three boys in a row, three years apart I don’t get much of a break! I bet Michelle Duggar doesn’t do Scouts. Ten sons in Cub Scouts would push anyone over the edge. Scouts brings up all my old feelings of jealousy and feelings of unfairness from when I was young that my brothers got to go do Scouts and I couldn’t because my mom thought Girl Scouts was too feminist. Plus I don’t like the feeling that I have this list of requirements to sign off with him, when he can’t do the self-study thing himself, like my older son could do in Boy Scouts.. It brings up conveyor-belt resentment and rebellion in me.

One son graduated from Cubs with his arrow of light, just in time for another one to come in the next month!

Bugsy, my baby, in the picture below, turned 3 a while ago! I am entering a new season of life! My youngest has not been three, without me being pregnant, ever! We moved him out of the crib that was attached as a sidecar to our bed and he’s now in the boys’ room in a bunk bed. We are potty training too, the easy, no-stress way. I will have to blog about that sometime. Maybe I will stop calling him “the baby.”

I am glad I read Mayim Bialik’s book, Beyond the Sling, last month in August because it helped me a lot at our family reunion in Idaho. Bugsy was happy the first day to separate from me while dh and I and two of the older kids went to the temple. But then the next day he was really clingy and would not go to the nursery at the family reunion. Mayim’s book, which I had read on the drive up to Idaho, helped remind me to be patient with children and let them be with you. He stayed with me during a lot of the reunion and only towards the end was he wiling to go back to the nursery.

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