Did You All Know that Raggedy Anne Was Created In Memory of a Vaccine-injured Child?

My kids had fun recently with their cousins playing with my sister’s collection of dress ups!

Did anybody listen to the LDS Holistic Living download that was free last week? If you didn’t get it, I encourage you to get it now and pay $4. Get it here. It’s worth it for the knowledge he shares. You can also listen to a free interview Dr. Gibson did with Jenni Wilson of http://momessentials.net

Does anybody want to discuss it? Here are some of the interesting facts I learned from Dr. Gibson:

  • in an epidemic of pertussis that occurred in the Davenport IA area where Dr. Gibson lived, none of the unvaccinated children got sick with it. The children who got sick were vaccinated for it. This was the largest outbreak of pertussis in 80 years.
  • Raggedy Ann was created by a dad, Johnny Gruelle, whose daughter, Marcella, died from an injury she received from a vaccine she got at school without her parents’ permission. Her body got so limp she was like a rag doll, so her father created the doll in her memory. If you don’t believe me check Wikipedia.
  • no study exists showing that vaccines are 100% safe. Dr. Gibson said he will pay anyone $1000 if they will show him a double-blind study comparing the health of children who received a certain vaccine versus children who did not receive the vaccine.
  • Dr. Gibson said that the first thing future doctors are taught in medical school is to never admit that a drug they give a patient causes problems.
  • He noted that when he was going to school to become a doctor, he worked on a cruise ship, in the same role as Julie McCoy of “The Love Boat.” Pharmaceutical companies would rent the whole ship and sponsor cruises for doctors and their spouses to come for free. The company would then do raffles for huge prizes. They weren’t really raffles though, as the pharm rep would say to Dr. Gibson, this doctor gets first place, this doctor gets second, this other doctor gets third, but make it look like a drawing. Dr. Gibson asked how the winners were determined and the pharm rep said that the first place winner was the doctor who wrote the most prescriptions of the pharm rep’s drug. The prize? The doctor’s choice between $50,000 or a car!
  • The inventor of the vaccine for rotavirus was on the FDA board that approved the vaccine for public use.
  • The CDC says that not a single case of organic polio that comes from the live virus has been reported since 1970. All of the polio cases that have been reported come from getting the vaccine.
  • He says he vaccinated his first two children before he knew any better. Before he vaccinates the others he is waiting to see a study showing that any vaccine is 100% effective. No such study exists, he says, and he will pay, as I noted before, $1000, if anybody finds one.

He shared many more juicy tidbits. I can’t wait to hear your reaction!

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