I’ll Love You Forever if You Buy This Book


I have this super awesome friend Tracy who is always doing amazing things. She has a heart of gold and is so generous in spearheading up projects to help others. Right now she is working on an event up in Idaho this Saturday to raise money for Maggie Palmer (pictured above in the video), the Roughtons, and Duncan Osborn (the rest are pictured later in this post).


It’s in Idaho Falls on Sat. Oct. 27. It’s  going to be simply amazing. If you are anywhere in the Northern Utah or Idaho area, it is definitely worth your time to come and take six classes, enjoy delicious food, and be part of a vibrant community of individuals making a difference in the world. Register today at makeitformaggie.com.

Even if you can’t go you can help these three families. Buy an ebook that has tips and how-tos about the following topics, and 100% of the money will go to the families.

Here’s the scoop straight from Tracy:

We have created a downloadable Handout Booklet (that we will email you) with over 100 pages of fabulous information and would like to offer it to anyone who makes at least a $10 donation (and we would be ever so grateful if you donated more). We are hoping you will decide to contribute and then invite your friends and family members to do the same to enable us to receive donations from 500 people.
You may donate right on our website at makeitformaggie.com or directly on Paypal’s website to our email address, makeitformaggie@gmail.com.
Here is a list of topics that are addressed in the Handout Booklet:
Handmade Greeting Cards
Common Sense Self-Defense
Meal Planning 101
Frugality The Fun Way
Control Your Mind and Change Your Life
Yummy Whole Food Treats & Desserts
Make & Take Infinity Scarf
Herbs & Your Medicine Cabinet
Energy Vitamins: 10 Minute Daily Energy Routine
Energy Medicine
Beading With Wire Crochet
Fun Hairstyles For Girls
Make & Take Book/Scripture Cover
Elements of Freedom Through Country Living
Three Principles of Change
Meals in Minutes
Fix YOUR Connection
Goat Cheese Making
Positive Postpartum Practices
Peaceful Parent-Child Relationships
Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
Essential Oils
Thank you in advance for giving to Make It For Maggie and please know you have our gratitude from clear down in our little toes.
Tracy Ward

Here’s more about the background of Tracy and her friend Katherine:

Katherine Jensen and Tracy Ward created Make It For Maggie in the fall of 2010. We wanted to participate in Maggie’s Month (www.maggiesmonth.com) to help raise money for our friend, Maggie Palmer, to receive eighty hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. As we brainstormed ways to earn money for Maggie’s Month, we envisioned a community-wide event that would bless the lives of many families and Make It For Maggie was born: an event where teachers share their passions, gifts, and knowledge with the world and you come and spend the day being filled with new skills, information, friendship, and of course, yummy food.

Our first year was a huge success – we raised $1700 for Maggie – and a barrel of fun, so we decided to make it an annual event and expand our recipient pool to include Maggie and a recipient from our local Idaho area. In 2011, we raised $3400 for Maggie and the Lincoln and Rachel Lear family who have three boys with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy.

Make It For Maggie 2012 is raising money for three families. We are working to buy Maggie an Independence Saddle, Duncan Osburn an insulin pump, and to send the Roughton family to Africa to bring their sons home from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our mission statement is:

Changing The World One Family At A Time

This mission statement comes straight from our hearts and we are firmly committed to carrying it out. We believe in building strong families and helping them be functional, fun, and foundational units of society. We believe Make It For Maggie is one piece of the building-strong-families-puzzle. Our classes bless the lives of participants by teaching new skills and knowledge, bringing people together in friendship and love, and actively working to build a community of people who care enough to serve abundantly. Our fundraising efforts will bless the lives of Maggie’s family each year and since 2011, will bless other recipients as well. One family at a time, we will make a difference in this world.

We thank you for your participation and hope you will continue to support this event in the future. You may contact us at anytime at makeitformaggie@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you.

Visit us online at makeitformaggie.com

Here is a little bit about the three families:

Maggie Palmer

Make It For Maggie was created for Maggie and we are tickled pink to be part of her life! This year we are working to help Maggie buy a saddle that will allow her to sit independently on Feliz, her horse partner, whom she loves dearly and has speech therapy lessons with. This therapy has been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being and it’s more fun to talk to Felise, the horse, than it is to talk to her speech therapist. Besides being good for our bodies, there is a unique, healing power that horses bring to our hearts and minds. Maggie is working hard at vocalizing her speech so that in the case she doesn’t have the iPad at her disposal she is able to communicate her needs. Check out Maggie’s latest video, A Horse and A Butterfly: Saddle Up For Maggie at http://youtu.be/6Bw_Hu2NNfg and join us in helping Maggie fly on Feliz..



The Roughton Family

Summer and Todd Roughton are new to eastern Idaho. They just moved here in late February so Todd could serve as a Youth Pastor at Christ Community Church in Idaho Falls. They are from Los Angeles and are a tad nervous to spend their first winter in the frozen north. The Roughton’s have four children, Ashley, J.T., Titus, and Levi. We selected their family as recipients to help them bring Titus and Levi home from the Democratic Republic of the Congo – they are hoping to have them here before Christmas!

Summer has been praying for her husband’s heart to be softened to adoption for 12 years and as soon as it was softened last fall they jumped into the fray of international adoption. Since then they have been on a roller-coaster ride full of all the twists and turns any adoption brings. They were guided to adopt two children from the DRC and received their referral in May. Now they are working hard to earn money to pay their travel expenses to go get their boys. They can’t wait to bring Titus and Levi home and Make It For Maggie 2012 is thrilled to be part of their adoption miracle. Check out their video at http://vimeo.com/50178824. If you would like to follow the Roughton’s adoption journey, Summer blogs at joyfullyruined.com.


Duncan Osborn

Duncan is the eleven-year old son of Sandy and Grady Osburn of Hamer. When Duncan was only a one year old baby, he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. They theorize that while sick with a fever, his white blood cells mistakenly attacked the K cells in his pancreas in an effort to heal him. The result was his pancreas stopped producing insulin – which is necessary for nutrients to enter the cells. The treatment is to inject synthetic insulin, which Duncan has done for more than 10 years.

He has been a trooper at dealing with his condition, but has been unable to successfully maintain appropriate blood sugar levels for any sustained period of time. Poor management of blood sugars causes a wide variety of complications. When the blood has too high of a concentration of sugar it has two adverse affects. The blood vessels become inflamed and they accelerate the build-up of plaque. These narrowing and blocking of vessels over time diminish the nutrients from reaching organs. Basically, it is starving them to death and once the damage is done, it is irreversible. The sugar-rich syrup-like blood struggles to travel through inadequate vessels. Eyesight and limbs are affected first, soon followed by kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, bone and joint disorders, skin problems, digestive problems, and premature death.

His family is earning money to buy an insulin pump so the risks of diabetes will be reduced and blood sugar levels better managed. You can see his video at http://youtu.be/aC9_Dmh7b1w.

All of the recipients’ movies and stories can be viewed on our website at makeitformaggie.com.

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