I’m Gonna LoveThis Book The Fairies Brought Me

Sometimes I wonder if there’s some fairy out there who loses my things. It could not be me that forgets where I put things, oh no. And it couldn’t be the fact that I have six children living at home who like to touch things and get distracted and then drop the object.

No, it’s fairies. It seems like I live on a spectrum where one end involves having only one thing lost, and the other end involves having many lost things. All because some fairy comes into my home and moves or takes things. I honestly don’t remember putting something where I later find it, and after quizzing all my children to no avail, I still can’t come up with the reason why a CD I got from the library full of music about John Deere tractors for our road trip to Idaho disappeared. Hey, don’t laugh! It actually looked cheery and fun and I was really looking forward to listening to it with my kids and talking about tractors and farming and Idaho potatoes.

That CD has been missing, as well as a Tolkien book that I didn’t even check out, but the library claims I did. It m

For a while I was on the “many things lost” spectrum: iPod, credit card, my favorite leather jacket, Bugsy’s cowboy boots, John Deere CD, my wristwatch. And probably more that I’ve forgotten them!

I am SOOOO happy that the fairies decided to bring my iPod back. It was lost for three whole months and that was a sad time. And I found my credit card as well! Whew, it was just in a different spot in my purse.

The fairies have decided to bless me to make up for all these cursed forgettings. The fairies also work at the library and put things on hold for me that I had no clue about. This has happened before and it happened today. My husband brought a book from the library (pictured above) that I have never seen before, so I most definitely could not have put it on hold. But he says it was there.

I’ve started reading it and really like it. But then I just read some reviews on goodreads.com and found out the author is a millionaire. So no wonder she has time to “kiss more, jump more, abandon a project, and read Samuel Johnson.” She has no chores to do!!!!

Oh well, I will enjoy the quotes. But I don’t really have time to build shrines to children’s literature or my children.

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