My Favorite Christmas Classic

Move over, Dickens! This is my absolute favorite destined-to-be-a-classic Christmas story. It weaves all the elements of Christmas together into one charming, delightful tale of the heart of Christmas. How can you not fall in love with a story that has pine boughs,  peppermint, never-before-told-details about Mrs. Claus (her first name is Anna), an explanation of how reindeer fly, and how Santa gets all the way around the world in one night?

It came from a Utah playwright who told stories to his children at Christmas about the origin of Santa. I love that it explains how parents help Santa, who the Christ child is, and what Christmas is all about. We listen to it every year while we cook holiday food, do dishes and fold clothes in December.

I love the different voices of the two narrators and the music. It is long, be warned, but totally worth it!  You can listen to all 8 episodes here.


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