Recipes of Naturally Healthy Holiday Treats Using Whole Foods and Essential Oils

Doesn’t this look pretty? These are my Holiday Crispy Kale Chips with my friend Lynda’s Pico de Gallo salsa. They look like Christmas! And both recipes involve essential oils! Yum! Just imagine, salsa with lime and cilantro essential oils! My friend Tara’s apple pie is below, and it has essential oils in it too, lemon and cinnamon. We had so much fun at our class today featuring whole foods and essential oils for naturally healthy treats. Guilt free, sugar free, delicious fudge! Yummy pie! Chocolate dipped strawberries and raspberries (those do have sugar in them, in the melted chocolate chips, but it’s not much)!  The document in the link below has the recipes for the foods I just mentioned plus some holiday neighbor gift ideas, as well as some fun marshmallow candies you can make using oils.

Here is the recipe booklet!

My friend Tara is on a GAPS diet. Notice the book in the picture below. She could eat some of the foods, but not her own pie, sadly. We used natural fats and sweeteners so these foods were delicious and healthful! Really! I know “health food” has a reputation for tasting bad. We were all laughing in the class about the Kid History video that shows a mom attempting to convert her family to “healthy food” with her tofu pancakes. I’m not into tofu like I used to be after learning more about the the evil of soy here. My 14 year old is rejoicing, he never did like my tofu. So there’s no tofu in any of these treats, or carob, or quinoa. I have never been able to fall in love with carob as a cocoa substitute. I am still working on quinoa. You can watch the funny Kid History video below, it’s under the picture..

I’m sad I didn’t get a great picture of the fudge close up. Boo-hoo, it is supreme, it’s in the upper right of the picture above the video. Somebody was hogging it and didn’t return it to the center of the table…just kidding. I made both kinds, the chocolate peppermint and the citrus white fudge in the same rectangular pan since I didn’t have two square 9 x 9s. I lined the 9 x 13 pan with parchment paper and then divided it down the middle with a wall of foil. Here are the recipes

The white has flecks of citrus zest in it and  lemon EO.  The different colored flecks of citrus zest, from a lime, grapefruit, and orange would make it look even prettier. Using parchment paper like I did to line the pan makes cutting up on the cutting board and cleaning up a snap. (Find parchment paper in the foil, plastic wrap and wax paper section of the grocery store).

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