Modern Parenting in America is Ruining Our Children’s Brains

This is me and my husband over 19 years ago with our first baby in my Dr. Sears’ NoJo sling. Now that baby is very smart and on a mission for the LDS Church. The reason he is so smart is in part because I practiced attachment parenting with him.

Babywearing, holding, breastfeeding, and responding to your baby’s cries empathetically really matters! La Leche League and Dr. Sears have been saying this for years, and science continues to confirm this. With attachment parenting, the brain turns out what used to be biologically “normal” but now is becoming more and more rare in our society of detached parenting, crying it out, and over-relying on using pacifiers, strollers, car seats, and swings to soothe babies. Not to mention using artificial baby milk and artificial solid foods. Modern parenting is ruining our babies’ brains! Then on top of that modern America forces academics too early and doesn’t let kids have enough time in unscripted play.

You can go HERE

to the University of Notre Dame’s web site to watch the presentations from a recent symposium about the science behind attachment parenting, including one by Dr. James McKenna, a tireless advocate for cosleeping.

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