Do You Want a Beautiful Baby? For Every Pregnant and TTC Mom to Know

This is a picture of my little girl at three months. Every time I see it, I smile back! Who says that newborn babies aren’t social and intelligent?

Ladies, did you know you have a superpower force? Yes, I know you can multitask on the phone, while baking bread and teaching your child Spanish all at the same time, but I am talking about your nutrititive, biological superpowers. Let’s talk about your beauty, health and life-giving forces that are all wrapped up with your fertility and breasts: you can make a child that doesn’t need glasses or braces. You can make a baby that is free of allergies and tendencies to crave sugar or alcohol.

You can make a baby that is robust and sturdy, able to embrace all of life’s thrills and challenges without chronic disease or need for ongoing medication. In addition, you can be free of stretch marks, swollen feet, varicose veins, and morning sickness when pregnant. As a mom who has suffered through several pregnancies with feet that look and feel as heavy as bricks, this is GREAT news! Sign me up!

You can make a baby that has the ideal beauty proportions that come from a wide smile and non-narrow face. Not by JUST eating the typical boring, ho-hum diet we hear about of grains, fruits, and veggies (those are good foods, don’t get me wrong, but they must be eaten with some caveats to get their full nourishment), but ALSO by DAILY eating the sacred, shiny, super-fat foods of our traditional-eating ancestors.

Learn all about it! This is a message that every mom and mom-to-be needs to know! It’s a message for every young woman to know before she gets married, even before she gets married! Ladies, we have such incredible power in us that comes from our two trees of life: the placenta and the breast ducts. (You can read about how those anatomical parts in women are like trees in my book, see the “my book” tab above and read Chapter 3).

Most every Jo on the street knows that everything we eat has the potential of harming a baby, but how many of us have known we can increase our baby’s health and beauty by the good things we eat? By good things other than fruits and veggies and grains? Let’s harness this power consciously! Why haven’t we known about this sooner?! I don’t know, but I am so grateful that a young mom, Kristen Michaelis, has researched the work of Weston A. Price and boiled down his teachings for child-bearing moms. Hooray!

You can learn all about your beautiful and healthy baby making superpowers in this new book, pictured below, by Kristen Michaelis, mom and blogger over at Food Renegade:

This book is for every adult female! If you struggle with infertility, it might help you get pregnant. If you are a grandma, and have passed your baby-making days, get it for your daughters or daughters-in-law. Get it for your pregnant neighbor. I wish I had known about this when I was first pregnant, 20 years ago this year. (You can read my thoughts on pregnancy and nutrition HERE.)

By the time I had babies #5 and #6 they had weight gain issues after they were born. Knowing these things would have prevented that I think.

And here’s a juicy-bonus to make your uterus quiver and jump for joy: if you preorder the book by March 18th you can get FREE enrollment in Kristen’s online course called Beautiful Babies Online Nutrition Course. I have been lusting after that course since I first heard about it over a year ago, and now I can get it!

Here’s the scoop from Kristen:

I believe this message needs to be heard. I want to shout it from the roof tops.

That’s why I’m giving away a free enrollment in my Beautiful Babies Online Nutrition Course to everyone who pre-orders a copy of my book from Amazon by March 18th.

That’s a $199 value!

And I’m giving it away.

How to get your free enrollment.


Beautiful Babies CoverClick here to pre-order the book from Amazon.


Email your order receipt to

It’s that easy!

After I verify your pre-order, I will email you a coupon that you can redeem for your free enrollment.

Can I give the free enrollment as a gift?

Yes. Please do. When you enroll in the online course, you’ll have a chance to put in the student name and email address. Just put down your loved one’s contact information instead of your own, and BOOM, they’re enrolled.

If you want a preview of the course, you can sign up for the FREE mini ecourse here.

You can get a sneak peek at the first lesson of the complete online course here.

You can watch a sample video here

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