Chakras are Mentioned in the Bible?

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Have any of you heard of a chakra? It sounds New-Agey, doesn’t it? Did you know chakras are mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible speaks of “wheels,” which in Sanskrit is  “chakras.” In Ezekiel 1, the prophet saw creatures in the likeness of a man with wheels of colored light going up and down. The brightness was a RAINBOW.

Did you know that this description fits a description of chakras? We each have seven chakras that correspond with the colors of the rainbow.  These are centers of energy in the body. Healing can be found in balancing the energy flow of these chakras.

Come learn how to balance your chakras with essential oils and find healing of physical issues!

Tuesday March 12th

7 PM

195 E Gentile St

Layton UT 84041

Dr. Cutler’s optometry office, enter on the west side of the building

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