Healthy Summit- Weeklong Presentations on Holistic Living FREE!

Remember the HealThy Mouth Summit? It was so incredible! It was full of fascinating truth bombs about holistic dentistry that I am still thinking about. Well, here’s a Healthy Summit full of top presenters about holistic living. Imagine hearing from Julia Ross of the Mood Cure, Sarah Pope, Sally Fallon, Joel Salatin, and lots of other bloggers who align themselves with Dr. Weston A. Price’s teachings. Three of my favorite bloggers will be there: Sarah Pope of, Heather Dessinger of, and Robin Konie, a Utah mom over at This is a week full of presentations, online, so you don’t have to get a babysitter, and it’s all FREE! The recordings will be for sale if you feel like you won’t be able to catch it all with your notes. If you preorder by March 23rd, you get all the recordings for only $49! That’s over 35 hours of recordings with slide shows! This is heaven for a holistic information junkie like myself!

Come learn about how to transition from junk food to healthful food when feeding your kids, your husband and yourself, how to eat right before conception and during pregnancy, how to cloth diaper, how to reduce the toxic load in your home, and MORE!

Go HERE to sign up!

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