Come Do the Freedom Bowl With Us!

This is my son, Valor, second from left, and his teammates after winning the Freedom Bowl in 2009. This bowl, plus my son’s LEMI project classes, is what gave him a solid foundation of knowledge about the Constitution. I am so grateful for Scott Swain and Diann Jeppson for initiating these bowls!

Freedom Bowl

Saturday, April 13th, 2013, 2:30-5:00pm

Team Check-in 2:15-2:30pm

Trinity United Methodist Church

4290 W. 5415 S., Kearns


Cost: $20 per participant

Registration Postmark Deadline: April 4th, 2013



The Freedom Bowl is an exciting way for youth ages 12-18 to learn more about our Constitution and Revolutionary War History.  Teams of four compete by answering questions about the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Era of the United States.  Much like knowledge bowls, Freedom Bowls are a fun and interesting way for students to showcase their knowledge and love of country.  

This is my daughter Virtue and son Valor who won first place a few years ago on the same team. Valor looks real excited. I guess after winning so many times, he’s getting bored of it!


For prizes this year the eight first place winners will receive a scholarship to the 2014 TJEd Youth Forum.  In addition, all participants of the Freedom Bowl will receive a $20 discount to attend the 2013 American Youth Leadership Institute Simulations Week. Freedom Bowl manuals with all competition questions and answers may be purchased by emailing or online at For more information on the 2013 Freedom Bowl, please go to Registrations must be postmarked by April 4th, 2013, so register quickly! We hope you decide to join us for this exciting event!

Here’s my third child, Honor, second from left, following along in his siblings’ shoes, winning at the Freedom Bowl.

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