What We Did for Our Last Date 5/6/13

Sunday night came and I realized that my dh and I had not been on a date for the past week. Now that we have older kids who can babysit the younger ones, we really have no excuse for not going on a date every week on Friday or Saturday night. Two Saturdays ago we went to the temple, so I figured it was time to do something somewhat frivolous. This past weekend we had a youth fireside with Elder Enzio Busche on Friday (perhaps I will post more about that later) and then by the time Saturday night came we were too swamped with a project of unloading furniture (long story) which made it too hard to go on a date.

So Sunday night we headed to his office (not romantic sounding at all, but on a Sunday night there are not many choices for a date) and watched some BYU productions about romance on YouTube. The above video is a take-off of “Love Story,” BYU style, called Ice Cream and Elevators. Believe it or not, I graduated from BYU and did not EVEN KNOW about the ice cream tradition where a student would buy ice cream any time he or she kissed on a date. Dh says it’s because my roommate didn’t want to spend all her money on ice cream (he fondly remembers me telling him how I could hear her kissing her boyfriend in the living room of our apartment when I was back in the bedroom, attempting to study through all the gross smooching noises).

I may not have known about ice cream signifying kisses (have I mentioned that I’ve never been much of a socialite?), but he didn’t know about the following short story, called The Phone Call, by Jack Weyland, made into a little movie. I had seen it growing up, like in seminary and at church. It was filmed in Provo, partly at  BYU, and partly at Ripples drive-in, which was just down the street and around the corner from his boyhood home in Edgemont. We watched it after we watched Ice Cream and Elevators. Then we watched some Studio C, which I also embedded below. If you haven’t watched The Doorstep episodes, watch them, they are hilarious! All these romantic BYU tales put us both in a nostalgic and somewhat flirtatious mood, since we met, dated, and fell in love at BYU. I hope we can do this more often! It was fun to watch the evolution of video productions at BYU.

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