The Best Sugar-free Dessert Recipes on the Web!

Here are some blogs/sites that have delectable dessert recipes that use natural sweeteners instead of white sugar and whole fat instead of fake fat. Why would you want wholesome treats? Because they won’t skyrocket your blood sugar, wreck with your pancreas, increase your risk for heart disease, contribute to your infertility, or get you addicted to a substance that makes you feel doped up or stoned. The whole fat slows down the digestion of the natural sugars and you get your sweet tooth satisfied at the same time. Complete nirvana! ‘Nuff said! Let’s get baking!

the Mommypotamus blog here

The Wellness Mama site here Oh my goodness!!! Her recipe for “Healthy Homemade Chocolate” is so easy and yummy! Who knew that making your own chocolate was so wonderful? And if you add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil, the chocolates are even more marvelous!

Robin Konie’s Thank Your Body site The peppermint patties are so delish!

The Healthy Home Economist’s recipes here, the recipe for the raw butter fudge is to die for! It’s pictured above. I don’t have raw butter around here so I just used regular butter. Not as healthful, but still better than any recipe that uses sweetened condensed milk, corn syrup or sugar. This is my new favorite treat! I want to always have a pan of it in the freezer to nibble on! The fudge melts easily so keep it in the fridge or freezer. I like it so much better than the coconut fudge I made at Christmas. Sooooo divine!

Suzanne Perazzini’s grain free and sugar free recipes here

LIndsey Gremont’s Homemade Mommy site here

Cheeseslave’s site here (scroll down to get to the desserts)

Food Renegade’s site here (again, scroll down to get to the good stuff, the desserts!)

My big fat grain free life’s site here. This is where I got the gluten-free lemon birthday cake recipe for my son’s 15th b-day cake, pictured above.

Ditch the Wheat’s web site here (great gluten free stuff!)

Holistic Squid’s site here Dark chocolate, white chocolate pistachio bark, or salted caramels, anyone?

Our Nourshing Roots’ site here, scroll down for the sweet treats!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s site here It has organic chocolate syrup, gluten-free brownies, kettle corn, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and sooo much more!

The Nourishing Cook’s site with all of Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions recipes blogged about.

Real Food Forager’s site here, where you can buy the ebook pictured above.

Now excuse me while I go to the kitchen and whip up one of these recipes! I think it will take me a lifetime to go through them all! Yum, yum, yum!

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