Special Night Out with Sarah Hinze: Collector of Prebirth Stories

I am so thrilled about hosting a night out with Sarah Hinze, author of books about connecting with unborn children. I read her book years ago called Coming from the Light and loved it, and now she has more books.

Holistic Visionary Moms’ Night Out

with Author and Mom

Sarah Hinze

author of Coming from the Light and The Memory Catcher

Saturday May 25, 2013

6:30 PM

Layton UT

at my husband’s law office

Seating is limited!

Please call me 801-544-7548 to RSVP and get the address or comment below and I will email you the address.

We will be hearing from Sarah and her stories about how unborn children have connected with their family members before birth. I’ve had these experiences and am eager to hear from Sarah and others about them!

We also be talking about how to get these children here with moms using a sacred diet for fertility, pregnancy, childbearing, and breastfeeding. We will also talk about diet for children and babies and use of essential oils to keep them healthy.

We will have a drawing of Sarah’s books and essential oils too!

Please watch below and get a taste of Sarah’s knowledge:

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