A Waldorf Education Conference in Utah in Less than Two Weeks!

Here is a message from my friend Krystelle about Waldorf Education:

“If the Millennium were to begin next week, and you and I, as educators, were asked what kind of educational system should be put in place, I believe that the best answer would be ‘Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Schools.'”
Professor Clifford Mayes, Educational Psychology, Brigham Young University

Having worked with Waldorf Education for nearly 10 years, my experience and perspective would echo what Professor Mayes has said here. Even though there are over 1000 schools in over 60 countries and a large
homeschooling movement around the world with Waldorf Education, for the most part I would say that Waldorf Education is fairly unknown in Utah. I am hoping that will change. 🙂

Following is some information of what is available here in Utah in regards to Waldorf Education:

Upcoming Waldorf Conference on June 3-8th in Lindon, UT! Waldorf experts are flying to Utah and will be presenting on different topics.  Their bios are listed at the end of the Waldorf Conference schedule.  Please see the attached schedule of what will be taught each day.  There are day or week passes available.  Registration is at: waldorfconference@eventbee.com

We have a Waldorf Education Support Group on Facebook: Utah-Waldorf

There are two Waldorf support schools for homeschoolers in Pleasant Grove.These schools are called cottage schools and are run out of the home and have a caring “home feel” to them. They meet Tuesday through Thursday from 9-1 for the older grades and for the younger grades 9-12.

One of the cottage schools has been in operation for about 10 years and has a lovely classroom that was specifically built onto the home to provide a beautiful environment for the children to learn in and also has a large garden area. In a house building unit the children constructed a play house which is also located outside. The other location has a garden area and animals such as goats, chickens, bunnies, cats, etc. There is currently a wait list for the cottage schools but there are plans to expand the two cottage schools next year and accommodate more children.

Last year, Melisa Nielsen, a homeschool Waldorf Curriculum writer moved to Utah. She has many great podcasts, curriculum by grade, a Waldorf homeschool training course, and other great information on her website at:

Other Waldorf homeschooling curriculum can be found at:
Live Education! http://www.live-education.com/

Some videos on Waldorf Education:






If you’d like more information about the Cottage Schools, the Waldorf Conference, joining Utah-Waldorf Facebook group, or other questions about Waldorf Education. Please contact me:

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