Giveaway for July Mothers Who Know

July 23rd is our next start date for Mothers Who Know. This is such a powerful program! You can go over here to get all the details.

Here are some testimonials from moms who have taken the course.

I have decided to do a giveaway of a registration for every session I teach. If you would like to be entered for the drawing for the giveaway, please comment below.

Here is what others are saying about it:
“Mothers Who Know has changed my life. For many years I have struggled with establishing daily habits that I was beginning to think were impossible at this stage in my life. Although I knew how important daily prayer, scripture study, and journal writing were, I just couldn’t figure out how to consistently fit it all in to my busy schedule. The knowledge and support I received in the class has made all the difference. Not only am I succeeding with these goals, my level of discernment has increased. I am more often able to detect and repel Satan’s temptation as well as hear and faithfully obey the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I am more confident in my ability to lead, protect, and empower my children. It is so exciting to be able to give them tools to resist temptation and build their faith.  I am eternally grateful and I know every family can be strengthened through the principles taught in this class.”-Nicole, Ut

“This class has helped me to recognize Satan’s attacks in my daily life and to have the confidence and power to overcome them. Before I studied with Celestia, I didn’t know what was happening that kept me from my goals or from doing the small and simple things that give me power to progress from day to day. I didn’t understand why I never made lasting progress on making the simple changes that I knew I needed to make. Years passed without change. Now I know why, and I know how to move forward. This class taught me powerful tools to discern Satanic attacks, to win against him and to live by the Spirit, the way I choose.”-Brooke, UT

“Several months ago I read about this Addiction Prevention class on one of several loops I subscribe too.  It immediately caught my attention as something I needed to do.  But, I rationalized all the reason I couldn’t add another thing to my plate at this time.  In the end I registered for the class at the very last minute and I am so glad that I did!!!  It has changed my life and my families lives for the better in so many ways.  I was so amazed to see that little adjustments in my own habits caused a ripple affect through my children.  As I made a healthy dinner every night for my family, my children began to be more aware of what they ate and to make healthier choices on their own.  One of my daughters has even decided to quit sugar without any prompting from me.  As I took the time to read my scriptures and write in my journal more consistently instead of putting it off until I “had more time”, my children have seen me make the Gospel a priority in my life and their attitudes have shifted also. 
One of the most important things I have gained from this class is my knowledge of how Satan works and how to combat him.  This is a war we are fighting, for ourselves and for our families, against a knowledgeable and cunning adversary.  But, we know how this ends and I will do everything in my power to make sure my family and I are standing tall on the victorious side when all is said and done.  The skills taught in this class are what will ensure this happens.
Thank you. Celestia for taking the time to share this valuable program!”-mom from CA

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