Breakfast Smoothie that Keeps You Going Until Lunch

So while I was in Idaho last week my daughter and I stayed at my dh’s cousin’s home. Cousin Karen had prepared a veggie/fruit tray for us. I decided to use the watermelon chunks and grapes from the tray to make a smoothie for breakfast. It turned out really good, not too sweet. I didn’t have to add any honey or other sweetener. Here’s the recipe, which serves 2.

Watermelon Grape Smoothie

Puree in blender the following:

2 to 4 bananas

1/2 c yogurt

1 c watermelon chunks

1 c grapes

add water or whey to make desired consistency

To really make the smoothie “stick to your ribs” so you can last until lunch without snacking, add 2 raw eggs and more yogurt or raw milk or cream. You can really use any fruit to replace the watermelon and grapes. The bananas are a staple for any smoothie to give it thickness.

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