BYU-I, We Love Thee!

Last week my daughter got a bee in her bonnet go observe classes at BYU-Idaho. We had taken the whole family there last August on a tour to sell her on it for college, but it didn’t catch her fancy at the time. We had heard about the disruptive innovation going on there from my friend Aneladee, who gave a fireside about it at my home a few years ago. Basically, BYU-Idaho provides for celestial collegiate education, fulfilling the charge from President Hinckley to be the church’s collegiate educational model, based on Doctrine and Covenants 88. Much more so than BYU-Provo, I dare say. You can read my recap about that here.

I didn’t push it, but let her take a detour pursuing another college. That didn’t work out, so now she was ready to fall in love with BYU-I. Whew, I love having an idea and knowing it’s right for my child and then letting her come to it on her own accord. I guess that’s how God feels about getting us all into heaven. He never forces, just provides everything to allow it, sits back, and provides more help if we ask. She wanted to drive up there alone, but I insisted somebody go with her. That turned out to be me. Just like in the old days! When she was 1, just she and me traveled to Washington D.C. for a La Leche League Intl. Conference. Only she’s not 1 anymore, she’s ready to fly the coop.

She absolutely loved the classes she attended: ballet, math, Islam, and foundations of American civ. The educational model is leadership education based!  Here’s a video about it. I love it that the students and the teacher all discuss the subjects in class,  based on the scripture in the Book of Mormon, that “the teacher is no better than the learner.” This model is leadership education based! In our homeschooling we have focused on the liberal arts so this will be a great continuation. We both love that the Rexburg Temple is right across the street. She can walk there whenever she wants. It looks like she will be saying, “I do!” to BYU-Idaho soon. She talked to the admissions people and found out that with her ACT score she already qualifies for a scholarship. She has already started the application process.

I love this beautiful open field to the east of the temple. My kind of beauty! Maybe because both of my grandfathers were farmers!

We had the whole foods lunch we brought from home on this “porch” on one of the swings. It was really nice to stop and take time to make a memory, just her and me. I think the saying printed on the porch below sums up the whole atmosphere of BYU-I quite aptly. The whole college lacks the competitive feeling that is felt at BYU-Provo. I can safely say that because I graduated from BYU-Provo. My daughter noticed that the people don’t walk so quickly and frantically as at the Provo school.

BYU-Idaho is a great fit for most every LDS college bound student! The college even has an online program, called the Pathway Program, which is very affordable. Here’s the web site for the Pathway Program. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a goal to help provide a college education for every young Latter-day Saint, and this online program certainly makes a college education much more accessible and doable.

Next week, the college is hosting its own Campus Education Week. I like that the college invites children to attend, something BYU-Provo doesn’t allow. I would be going back for it but we have a family reunion in Arizona starting the same time! You can pay only $10 for the web cast version.

If you have college-bound students, come take a look at BYU-Idaho! I think you will love it!

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