Discount on Real Food for Busy People Ecourse- Register Now!

Have you yearned to learn how to fix more healthful foods for your family so you all eat better? Does that desire get drowned out by the realities of kids, driving to school, sports, lessons, and other activities, so that you resort to that quick box, can or drive-thru to get dinner on the table? Do you want to learn the secrets of some real life people who have the same desire and challenges you have? Come take this course and learn from real people who eat real food and have mastered the art of eating the Nourishing Traditions way, with all of its soaking, sprouting, growing, and fermenting, without being in the kitchen all day!

To register, go go here and learn more. This course gives you lifetime access to video tutorials, online classes, and recipes so you can fix delicious nutrient-dense food for your family in less time than you thought you could. The course is now being discounted, it is $99, or $69 if you are a VGN Premium Member.

Hurry, the sale ends August 8!

Here is what the creators of the course say:

There’s always so much to be done! As much as we love to cook and provide nutritious meals for our family, sweating over a hot stove all afternoon takes a lot of time. And staring down a mountain of dirty dishes is not most people’s idea of fun.

The good news is, you CAN prepare nutrient-dense meals from scratch for your family — in a fraction of the time. You just need to learn the tricks.

Learn How To:

  • Get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes with 5 ingredients or less
  • Make artisanal sourdough bread in less than 5 minutes a day
  • Use a pressure cooker to make chicken stock in 4 hours
  • Store bulk batches of sauerkraut and fermented veggies in the freezer
  • Outsource meal planning — get back hours of your life
  • Automate shopping — leverage CSAs and online e-commerce tools and get it off your plate

Get Lifetime Access to:

  • 12 Weeks of Online Classes
  • Exclusive Content Not Available Anywhere Else Online
  • Over 50 Video Tutorials
  • Recipes Included

About Your Instructors

We rounded up 17 of your favorite bloggers — people just like you. Busy, working moms (and dads) with families to feed.
As professional bloggers and cookbook authors, we’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks on how to save time. Now is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite bloggers in their home kitchens as they reveal their secrets for saving time in the kitchen.

Again, please click here to learn who the bloggers are and to register!

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