Class on Healthy Lunch and After-school Snacks for Kids

Come to the

Naturally Healthy Cooking Class about Lunches and After-school Snacks for Kids!

If you are like me, what to have for lunch besides PB & J or last-nights’ dinner leftovers can be downright stumpifying.. That’s just for feeding my kids at home for an at-home homeschooling day. Then if you ask me to do something portable to take to our weekly homeschool group away from home, you have me doubly stumped. I haven’t been big on snacks at all beyond a piece of fruit.

No more friends, no more! Come learn some secrets about making healthful lunches that will make your kids the envy of all their friends and will even make them want to prepare and pack their own lunches!

Saturday Morning August 24

Farmington UT

10 AM

call or text 801-628-8753 or comment below for the address

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