Back to School: Healthy Real Foods for Lunch, Part 1

Today’s Naturally Healthy Cooking Class was on Healthy Lunches and After-school Snacks. I have oodles of recipes and ideas in a handout to post on the blog, but before I do, I thought I would do one blog post a day for a week with a picture and tip from the class on each day. The above video shows the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver touring a school and discovering that some parents definitely need some inspiration and help as to what to pack for their kids lunches.

Here’s a mom who knows what she’s doing. Watch her show you three ideas for packing quick, easy, non-junky lunches:

In the class today we talked about the Japanese art of bento box lunches. These lunches are a work of art. The idea is to make everything pretty, colorful, yummy, bite-sized, and easy to eat, using lots of little compartments and fun shapes, which fit into a bento box. That way  the food looks small, tempting, not overwhelming, easy to eat, and organized. You can get little cookie-cutters to cut up vegetables and fruit to make fun shapes or molds to shape eggs and cute little grabbers to pick up the food. Here’s a video about it. I am not sure moms will want to feel like, “oh, no, now I have to make a packed lunch into a work of art!?! On top of making it healthy too so Jamie Oliver approves?” Just look at this as an opportunity to show kids how to make their own lunches that are healthy and fun to eat. They might be more likely to help make the food if they can use these fun tools. Here’s an American mom fluent in Japanese who shows you ideas and recipes on her blog here. You can also get some fun recipes for lunches at Grain Free Lunchbox if you order the ebook.

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