Healthy Real Foods for Lunch, Part 3: Homemade Beef Jerky!

Today’s recipe for Healthy Lunches for Kids, part 3 is homemade beef jerky. We took my homemade jerky on our road trip last Sunday to our nephew/cousin’s mission farewell and it was so yummy! This portable snack of protein with fat keeps moods stable. You can make it in a food dehydrator or in your oven at the lowest setting. It’s a great alternative to a sandwich for a packed lunch. Combine it with some crunchy veggies and dip and a beverage and you have a terrific lunch on the go.

Here is the recipe from Cara at Health, Home, and Happy. We also took this jerky on our trip to Arizona earlier this month. It’s partly what kept us so happy when we got our flat tire in the middle of nowhere and had to wait two hours for a tow truck.

You might ask, why not just use store-bought jerky? I have yet to find commercial jerky that doesn’t have artificial colors or flavors, or corn syrup. In Arizona I looked at least 6 bags of jerky at the health food store and every single one had one of those things. Beware of the term “natural flavor.” It means MSG. Here is a web site with links to resources where you can learn more about MSG and its dangers.The site has a link to a Kindle book of a man who lost his life to MSG. It’s so sad! Learn to be a label-reader so you can protect you and your loved ones! Nobody cares about you and them as much as you do.

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