Did You Know Hormonal Contraceptives Are Class 1 Carcinogens?

Did you know that the World Health Organization rates hormonal contraceptives as Class 1 Carcinogens? Did you know that the co-inventor of the Pill now condemns it, saying it has led to a “demographic catastrophe”? You deserve to know the truth about hormonal contraception! Please watch this video and share it with others. Hormonal contraception is hurting women, marriages, men, babies, and families. A safe, marriage-building, totally healthy alternative exists, and it’s natural family planning, along with ecological breastfeeding. Learn more at nfpandmore.org and the Creighton Model site.

I love the philosophy at nfpandmore.org because it involves ecological breastfeeding. This allows a woman to be infertile for an average of 15 to 18 months postpartum. It allows a woman’s ovaries and uterus to go through a winter season as she acts a tree of life to her baby. (See more in my book, at the “the book” tab above, specifically Chapter 8.) As much as I love what the Kippleys teach at nfpandmore.org, I don’t think taking a temperature daily is necessary, so that’s why I recommend the Creighton model. Taking you temperature daily first thing in the morning when you wake up can be quite daunting with a nursing, cosleeping baby. The Creighton model allows you to monitor your fertility with one signal, cervical fluid.

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