Upcoming Conference Call: How to Be a Scripture Power Mom!

Would you like to learn more about how to study the scriptures, so that you really understand what you study, and retain it? Would you like to study the scriptures without falling asleep?

Please join me on to learn how to do this with my friend Patricia DuBray on

Thursday Sept. 19


5:30 PM PT

6:30 PM MT

7:30 PM CT

8:30 PM ET

Patricia has spent years gleaning all the best ways and resources to make scripture study more illuminating, more memorable, and more exciting! I will be uploading a file that Patricia prepares to go along with the presentation.

This will be a conference call:

Conference Dial-in Number: (610) 214-0000
Participant Access Code: 738747#

Here is Patricia’s bio:

Being married to Dan DuBray for 28 years, I have been blessed to be a mother of three children, the eldest son of 25 years is a returned missionary and  married to our wonderful daughter-in-law, a second son of 21 years that just returned from his mission and living at home, and our youngest daughter living in Provo, Utah while studying in Cosmetology school.  Along with my focus of being a mom, I studied and have served for 19 years as a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to help mothers with breastfeeding, which helped as I have served as a La Leche League leader for 21 years. Family life has been a wonderful challenge and I am grateful for the preparation I received before marriage while serving an LDS mission in Dallas, Texas.
Other interests that keep me busy in my life are my love to plan and attend events, my love of Star Gazer Lilies, collecting books, writing, travel,  games and eating milk chocolate. 
I have a love for scriptures that I gained early in my youth when my local church leaders established a “Consecutive Club”.  It was a club that had special activities and events for those who daily/consecutively read their Scriptures.  For 37 years of consecutive scripture reading, that early club membership has blessed my life.  I love my scriptures and over the years I have participated in many activities to deepen my understanding and enlighten my mind.  I would love to spend time learning together and sharing ideas of how to enhance and enrich our time in reading the Words of the Master Teacher. As there is always more to learn, I have  been blessed to serve as a seminary teacher for two years up to the present.  I continue to consider creative and effective ways to study the scriptures so that the Spirit can help me as seekers of light and truth.

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