Sunday School for Sunday Sept. 29, 2013- WHY We Do What We Do and Wordprints in the Book of Mormon

I haven’t blogged much this week because my mother in law has been visiting and we’ve been listening to her stories all week. She missed her calling in life as a professional storyteller. I am in the process of compiling some of these stories to share with y’all. She grew up in a home that had regular appearances of apostles. Her father was a stake president in Oakland CA and back in those days, the 1930s and ’40s, when the visiting authorities would visit for stake conference they would stay in the home of stake president. The cutest stories involved Joseph Fielding Smith and Mark E. Petersen.

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to post some videos of her relatives imparting gospel knowledge. So I found these videos of her nephew’s son, John Hilton III, and then at the bottom we have a video of John Hilton III’s namesake, John Hilton, her brother. May you feel the Spirit as you watch these.

John Hilton III is the author of this book, which covers the same stuff he is talking about in the video.

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