Moms: If You Quit, Your Family Might Too!


I love this video clip from Facing the Giants. Watch it whenever you want to remember what you are fighting for. As I watched it, after the middle part, it brought tears to my eyes because I felt a shift in the energy. The player had to dig down inside of him and find his desire to go on. As moms, don’t we all feel sometimes like giving up? We all feel pain in our mothering journey. Just imagine God as the coach telling us to keep at it, moving on. At the end the coach says, “You are the most influential player. If you are defeated it affects the whole team.” Think of God telling you, (your name) you are the most influential player in this family. If you are defeated, it affects your husband and children.”


You go girl! Claim your girl power, connect with God, and take care of yourself so you can take of your family and inspire them to greatness!



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