How to Watch American Ride

To watch American Ride, a series of episodes featuring a tough guy who rides a Harley across America and teaches history lessons, do the following:

Go to BYUTV’s page for American Ride by clicking here. Then look for the words “all seasons” in the middle of the page on the gray stripe and click on them. Then a page will appear listing the episodes as they appeared originally in reverse chronological order. So to watch them in order, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Season 1 is mostly about the colonial times and the founding of America.

Season 2 covers the time from the Constitutional Convention to the brewing of forces right before the War Between the States.

Season 3 features the whole War Between the States, from beginning to end with the legacy of Lincoln as the final episode.

Season 4 serves up post-war Reconstruction on up to the Wild West.

Season 5 will start next week. Mr. Stan does 13 episodes a season. Spark an interest in history by showing these to your kids, and let them know that Mr. Stan teaches it all from his brain without a script. Amazing! 

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