Recap on Our Visions of Glory Discussion

Last week I hosted a Girls’ Night Out after the Relief Society General Meeting. (By the way, my favorite part of the whole meeting was when one of the speakers said that all of our trials and problems that we have are not a surprise to God. He knows it all and because of that He is there to help us.)

The purpose was to talk about the book, Visions of Glory. This is a book by a man named “Spencer,” as told to John Pontius. My mother-in-law had been visiting for a whole week and I thought it would be enlightening for her to share her insights with my friends. The book has been a hot topic among my circle of friends for months. My mil has had the chance of meeting with Spencer 3 times. She had the chance to visit with him because her nephew knows people who know him. She found out that she missed the big meeting/fireside that John and Spencer had a year ago after the fact, and when she complained to her nephew, who had gone, he said, “Oh, I will get you two together. You can meet him.”

So she got to meet him as he still takes clients. If you’ve read the book you know that is a professional counselor. She said that he is the sweetest man, so full of love. I know his book has not been received 100% positively, including a poor review on FAIR’s web site. What do we believe? Is this book from a truthful man? 

Yes, I think so. At least based on what I can tell and have researched so far.

Is this book 100% prophetic? Only time will tell. But…I think it’s important to know that some of the things can be fulfilled literally, and some symbolically. Just like in the scriptures.

Here’s what I got out of the discussion from Saturday night with my mil and the ten ladies who came. Sorry it’s not more juicy or fantastic. If you read the book you will get enough juicy fantastic stuff.

1. We have to have the Spirit to understand the spirit of prophecy.

2. The Spirit will tell each person what that person and her family need to do to be safe in these latter days, in addition to what the Prophet tells us.

3. As our Article of Faith #7 tells us, many spiritual gifts are available to us: visions, healings, prophecies, interpretation of tongues and so forth. This book really opened my eyes and mind to the broad expanse of spiritual gifts that come to us and just how thin the veil is between life and death.

One of the moms who came, a great friend of mine, shared that her dad has had many visions and experienced the gift of healing. She had an older sister when she was growing up who swallowed a needle, if you can believe it, while she was sewing. Her dad took her to the doctor and he did an x-ray that showed the needle inside. The dad didn’t want to do surgery just yet, he said, let’s wait and see. He gave her a priesthood blessing asking for healing. They did an x-ray a bit later and the needle was gone! This is the kind of faith I want to have! 

4. It’s so important to build our faith in what the Prophet and what the Spirit tells us to do and practice perfect obedience now, so we are ready to act when new revelation comes.

Have any of you read Visions of Glory? What do you think about it?

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