Goodbye Summer, Here are Some of My Favorite Memories

Now that October is here, General Conference is over, and the first snowfall in northern Utah came while we were sleeping early Friday morning, I am reluctantly saying that summer is over! I am sad to see it go. I am a diehard summer lover and hate to see it go every year. I feel like running back to it whenever the first chill seeps through the air. 

I’ve spent the past month of September adjusting to our new homeschooling year with our Family School meeting once a week, with its new format of having the moms be there all day. i am getting used to being gone all day one day a week with all my kids! It is quite the deal to get me and six kids out the door with provisions for all day of teaching, learning, and eating, by 8 AM! I will blog soon about our Hebrew-based Family School.

I just found this great resource for all you homeschooling moms here. It is a sample of audio content from Media Angels. It features the presentations “Dinner is Ready” and “The Seven Rs of Successful Homeschooling.” (Excuse the references to fast food and caffeinated drinks.) It will give you helps for a great homeschool year. I look forward to listening to it myself.

In the meantime, I keep meaning to blog at the end of every month with pictures that sum up the month. Here is a summary of all the summer months we enjoyed. Every summer gets better and better!

We spent a lot of time with friends and cousins. We kicked our spring off in late April  with a visit to the This is the Place Hertiage Park. Then we went back to the park with our friends the Wedekinds on Memorial Day. They were in Utah enroute to Japan to live there after being in Guam.

Here are my daughter with my friend’s daughter who have known each other since they were babies. We first met at a La Leche League meeting in Orem 18 years ago this December.

We also went to Youth for Freedom, Pipe Springs National Park, the home of our pioneer ancestors, a family reunion by Zion National Park, a family reunion in Phoenix where we saw Elvis’ jumpsuit and Taylor Swift’s guitar. I got to go to Idaho and then went to southern Utah twice in one week.

So, hello fall! I embrace you with the cooler weather and more time at home with no road trips!

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