Help! My Daughter Does My Hair Better than I Do and She is Leaving for College!

Last Friday we found out that my homeschooled 17 year old daughter got accepted to the two universities she recently applied to: BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho, to start in January 2014. So we are celebrating at our house! It seems appropriate that this happen at harvest time. It gratifies me immensely to see the fruits of my homeschooling labors in the form of my daughter getting accepted into college. It is also gratifying to see that she has embraced ballet, which I always wanted to excel at when I was young.I started her with dance lessons at age 3.

She has taken dance lessons on and off through the years. For the past year or so she has been back “on” again with dance, to the extent of going three times a week and getting en pointe in ballet. I am so proud of her! She pays for her own ballet lessons with her job at the Lion House as a server. She will be dancing ballet at the school she chooses, which will probably be BYU-Idaho.

In honor of her acceptance, I am FINALLY publishing a blog post I started over a year ago but for some reason didn’t finish. It’s been sitting in my drafts box. I have interspersed it with pictures of my daughter’s growing up years, and examples of the hairstyles she has given me and herself. Here it is:

i have reached a point I never thought I would. My 16 yo daughter now can now do her hair better than I can. It’s actually been that way for a few years. It used to be that I practically lived to do her hair. I anxiously awaited for the day when her thin wispy hair was long enough to put little sponge curls in it or tiny pigtails. That was around age 2.

Then I asked my mom to trim her hair. It wasn’t that long yet, but for some reason, after we trimmed it it went curly. She had this gorgeous head of fluffy blond curls. She looked really cute so for years we kept it short and that made it very easy for me to style. Which was a good thing because as I kept having more babies it was harder for me to get to styling her hair every morning.

By the time she was seven or eight, her hair was long enough to style every day, but at that point I was doing good just to get to it on Sunday.

Then she got to the point where she didn’t want me to style it. In fact, she didn’t want to style it herself either!  We even cut it once because I had to follow through on my threat that if she didn’t even comb it, I would have to cut it.  I endured her not wanting to let me style it all. There were many years where maybe she did want me to but she didn’t let on and I felt like I didn’t have time, especially when I had two babies 18 months apart.

She eventually grew it out, and she grew up at the same time! Meaning, she decided that she would and could style it for herself. Hooray! I went for a few years keeping my mouth shut when I didn’t really like how it looked. But now she has gotten more skilled and always has it looking cute, especially when she uses her Curlformers. I was a little bit disappointed when she asked my sister to chop it all off, but then she showed me that she could still fun styles with it, especially with the Curlformers, even though it was short.

So now I am starting over with daughter #2, who is 6. I have been wishing she had hair long enough for me to do long hairstyles and would let me!

And would not cut her hair by herself! It was just getting long enough where I could do something with it if she let me style it  through bribery. Then the unthinkable happened. She watched Yentl with my husband one night while I was gone and sneaked off and cut her hair, on his watch. I was rather mad but got over it since hair does grow back!

So back to daughter #1…She not only can do her hair better than I can, she can do my hair better than I can. My pride makes it hard to admit this, but it’s true. She can do my messy bun much better, since it’s hard for me to see the back of my head, even with my three way mirror. She can curl my hair better than I can, and give me the pretty loose beach waves. Her updos and twists on me look better than mine. She did my hair above on a whim late Sunday night. I only wish I had had it that way for church. 

This one would have looked better if we had taken the time to smooth the frizz, but it’s still cute!

She can do a fancy weave, like the one below that she did while we were watching the Olympics on vacation in Park City. My husband said it looked like an old granny’s hair, so I don’t think I will wear it in public. My daughter said she thought it would turn out fatter and fuller. I guess then maybe it would be stylish.

One of my favorite hairstyling web sites is That one is by an LDS mom with three girls who does some lovely, creative hairstyles. She even has a hairstyle for every letter in the alphabet! Maybe some day my younger daughter will have enough hair so I can copy these styles with her head. As for using it for me, I am not so much into the braids and ponytails for my long hair, as I am the updos and the twists, like this elegant updo here. Those seem more appropriate for my age.

Another site I like is This blog is by a young woman with gorgeous, long red hair. I like all the buns and twists and updos. Then there’s Princess Hairstyles.

It’s nice to finally have my own live-in hairdresser. I’ve always dreamed of having someone who could do my hair every day while I sit and read. I have wished I could have someone make decisions about, and deal with, my often unruly, irregularly-wavy, sometimes decently curly hair, that has a mind of its own. I just didn’t realize she would grow up in my home. Now please don’t go away to college too soon!

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