This is Agency-based Education?


This video shows State Senator Aaron Osmond of District 10 in Utah, describing his proposed legislation for the next Utah legislative session. His bill purports to end compulsory education in Utah, replacing it with “agency-based education.” He presented this information at the Agency-based Education Conference two weeks ago, which was held in Lehi, Utah.


I feel Senator Osmond cares about people, and wants what is best, but he is misguided. He says that the parent is the #1 person in charge of a child’s education. If that is so, why, Senator Osmond, are you proposing that the state get involved in testing the child every year to see if the child is on “grade level”? He proposes that if the child is not at grade level, the state will require the parents to pay for “remedial tutoring.” If the parents don’t do this, the state will take the parent(s) to court. Then I suppose if the parents are found negligent, the child will be taken away by the state. I usually don’t get sarcastic, so excuse me while I do so.  Yeah, that really sounds like the parents are in charge. 


Here is some news for Senator Osmond and other draconian law pushers: yes, there are some people who neglect their children and don’t do anything to help their kids get a good education. It is OK for parents to fail at their responsibility! It is OK for kids to fail! Government does not need to get involved. Please trust the natural consequences of failure! Please trust relatives, neighbors and the local community to step in and help people who fail, if the people who fail, including children, ask for it. Failure and natural consequences are principles of life, being at grade level isn’t. Please don’t force help and remediation.


This proposed legislation gives the government more control and parents less control. If you live in Utah, please urge your state senators and reps to vote no on this bill. It is doublespeak! Senator Osmond, I invite you to read Uncle Eric’s books by Richard Maybury. We don’t need more government regulations! If this is his version of “agency-based education” I fear what his version of compulsory education is!

If you take the time to watch the video, please tell me what you think by commenting below.

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