The Bread Geek is Coming to My Girlfriend’s House!

The Bread Geek is coming to Davis County! She’s the coauthor of the following book:

When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday last year, I told her I wanted this book, written by Melissa, aka The Bread Geek. I have loved learning from it and using it. In case you don’t know, “natural yeast” is the same thing as sourdough. If you used to think that sourdough is some quaint food that only belongs to people long ago or to San Francisco, get this book. You will get an education about the dangers of whole grains that aren’t properly prepared. Even whole wheat, not properly prepared, is not good for you.

The way to properly prepare whole wheat is to soak it, sprout it, or sour it using natural yeast or some other souring agent. At the class I attended last winter, the lady hosting the class claimed that her husband, who had been diagnosed with celiac disease a few months ago, could actually eat the wheat bread she made using Melissa’s recipes. That’s the power of natural yeast? You make think that since you aren’t celiac it’s OK to keep eating wheat, but did you know that commercial yeast can be highly allergenic? It can cause health problems we are not aware of at first, but can lead to problems down the road.

As Melissa said in the class I attended, “If it takes a lab to create it, it takes a lab to digest it.” I used to take such pride in making my whole wheat bread years ago, not knowing that it wasn’t truly natural since I was using commercial yeast. Come learn how to make truly all-natural, completely wholesome whole wheat bread with natural yeast! Natural yeast is simply flour and water mixed together with the right consistency, and then left to go slightly sour. This book by Melissa explains all the whys and hows about it. If you want all the chemistry and science behind it, it’s there. It’s also a cookbook, and it’s full of lots of bread recipes, along with recipes for rolls, flat bread, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, even chocolate cake! There’s an art to using natural yeast to make these delicious goodies so come learn how!

Wed. Dec. 11 at 10:30 am

Clinton UT

Tara Kinser’s home

text 801-628-8753 to get the address

$10 for the class, another $10 for a book. 

Everyone needs to bring a jar to take a start.

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