Dairy-free, Sugar-free Eggnog!

I have this “eggnog” as a smoothie for breakfast every morning and love it! It is high fat, low carb. It’s satisfying and nourishing! On really cold mornings I warm it up on the lowest setting on my stove for it be extra satisfying! Don’t let it cook too long or the egg whites will start cooking!

Mix in blender or with a fork in a saucepan on lowest setting:

1 can coconut milk, unsweetened, organic (make sure it is unsweetened)

(for people allergic to coconut like my teenage son, here is a real milk eggnog recipe from Heather of mommypotamus.com fame here.)

2 eggs

dash each of nutmeg and cinnamon

stevia to taste, I use two dropperfuls of liquid stevia

1 tsp vanilla

Can serve two or you can drink it all yourself! I look forward to having this all winter. It’s such a lovely way to greet cold mornings! Drink lots of this through Christmas time and your sugar cravings will be minimized!

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