Our First Lego League Competition!

Today I went with two of my middle boys, ages 12 and 9, to a competition based on Lego robotics. This was our first year doing a Lego League, which culminates in the First Lego League Competition held at Weber State. Excitement bounced through the air with all the kids, the costumes, the music, the characters, like the Storm Troopers, and the rush of beating a clock to see how many missions the Lego Robot could perform.

I have learned a lot this year about working with kids, other adults, legos, robotics, and team work. I am not sure I want to help with a team again. Most of the kids on the team were boys, many were 12, and they were, I don’t know what the phrase is. Let’s say energetically obnoxious. We could hardly get them to focus at our team meetings once a week. It was like herding cats, or maybe octopuses? I know my younger son did not learn anything about programming. I think the other moms involved with the team have all concluded that the minimum age we are going to use from now on to be on the team might be 12 and even then, they will have to show some kind of focused dedication before getting on the team. My older son was the one who did most, if not all of the programming. I just found this list of tips for managing successful team meetings. For sure if I do this again I will be having a parent to work with each pair of students to keep them on track. Our team meetings were crazy with all those boys chasing each other, wrestling, and putting each other in head locks. The two girls patiently endured all of it.

Great job on pushing through wanting to give up team, and I hope you remember the lessons for next year!

Needless to say, we did not win anything but we learned about not giving up and what mistakes not to make for next year.

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