Mothers Who Know for February Giveaway!

I love teaching my Mothers Who Know class. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and joy to have this knowledge content in my life. I am able to sleep much better, fight much less with family members, and help other people to do the same. My scripture reading is much more purposeful. My journal writing has total direction and goes deep enough to change my sinful behaviors. I have seen my daughter,who took the class, recover from anxiety to the point that she can be self-governing enough that she went off to college a few weeks ago. All of these blessings have come from the class!

Here is one of the latest endorsements from the class that I received:

“This class has been an incredible experience for me, my family, and even for those close to me that did not take the class!  I can’t stop talking about it, and I am sharing with anyone who will listen.  If you’ve ever felt like me – stuck in a rut and frustrated with repeated failures at conquering happiness-destroying behaviors – then this course is a must.  In two months, with the support of my family, Celestia, the other women in the class, and my Heavenly Father I have been taught how to recognize the reasons for my repeated failures at self improvement, but more importantly I have regained HOPE that I can overcome every struggle, obstacle, weakness or sin that I face.  My anger had been affecting my family for years.  I had fasted, prayed, …  I read self-help books, parenting how-tos and conference addresses.  I made improvements, but still battled with my angry thoughts and actions.  This class has taught me some important truths about sin, the adversary and the power of the atonement to overcome every misbehavior.  It also solidified my resolve to keep meaningful rituals at highest priority in my life so that I was prepared and alert for the earliest signs of temptation. I learned how to prepare for and prophesy about my next battle.  This knowledge is a game changer for me in my life and I am finally at peace with myself, knowing I am doing everything I can to move forward in becoming the woman I was sent here to become. “- mom of 4, Colorado

The next class will start Friday Feb. 21st. We meet for two hours over the phone. If you would like to enter a drawing for a giveaway of one registration, please comment below! Drawing will be held on Wednesday Feb. 5 around noon. If you don’t win, you will still be able to register at the early bird price of $97, which expires Friday Feb. 7 at midnight MT.

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