Come See This Clean, New Funny Movie for the Whole Family!


My husband heard about this new, family-friendly movie called Inspired Guns on the radio. The producer was giving away free tickets to a preview, so dh, always looking for frugal, clean family entertainment, snagged us all tickets.


I tend to be leery of movies. Even Disney movies have double entendres that I wish clear play could wipe out. I hardly ever go to the theater. Let’s see, in the past 5 years, I’ve probably been to 4 movies. I am very picky about what I watch.


So what did I think of Inspired Guns? It was hilarious! It was clean! I have to admit though, it did make me wonder as a missionary mom, just what kind of world is out there when I sent my son on a mission. At least he’s in a city that is not known for Mafia activity. At least, as far as I know…



Sp what do you get when you mix a father of 5 1/2 kids who wants to produce a movie his mom can watch with her grandkids, a buff, tall, handsome BYU law school grad, a guy who looks like a Russian waif, and two fat guys who look Italian? You get Inspired Guns, a comedy about missionaries getting mixed up with the Mafia. 


We got to have Q and A with the cast and crew after the movie and found out that most of them have really served missions. Then we had a chance for some pictures with the star. I am having problems getting them uploaded, long story. The most common question asked that night? Whether or not the star, the tall, buff, handsome BYU law school grad, the star of the show, David Lassetter, is available. Unfortunately for you single ladies, he’s not. But the movie is available for all! Go see it, you will laugh! It’s nice to have some good clean fun. I am still deciding whether or not this was brain candy or a classic for the mind. It did have a few implausibilities, but for once, I am not going to picky. 







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