Bring Your Kids: the Making of America at Smith and Edwards on Sat. Feb. 8

Here’s a special message from Kathy Smith, chairman of Utah’s Constitution Day Celebration.

Dear friends and family,

If you haven’t registered yet for 

“The Making of America” seminar at the Smith and Edwards theater on Saturday, Feb

8th, please do so now at We especially hope you’ll bring your young people. (Two anecdotes that illustrate why they need to be there: At Davis High this year, students were told that Samuel Adams was a violent man whose temper sparked the American Revolution. In Washington County, a fifth grader reported to her parents that the Boston Tea Party occurred because the colonists were angry when the British sent the wrong tea so they dumped it in the harbor. When her dad asked her if it had anything to do with taxes, she replied, “I don’t think so.”) Please, bring your children and grandchildren so they can learn the truth about our Founding Fathers and their intent to create a republic that protects inalienable rights. Our instructor, Bill Norton, recommends children over the age of eight for this seminar.

If the $10 student rate is keeping you from bringing your children, bring them for $5/each. This will help to cover the lunches. We want them to be there! Call me and I will put you on our list for the discounted rate: 801-698-8298



 at or call me at 801-698-8298 and ask for the discounted rate of $5

so we can plan for materials and the lunches catered by Bella’s Mexican Grill

Saturday, February 8th at Smith and Edwards’ theater upstairs

3936 N. Hwy 126, Ogden (Take Exit 351, south of Willard Bay)
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with lunch catered by Bella’s Mexican Grill
Thanks for sharing 
this event with your friends too!

Your friends in liberty,
Kathy and Bert Smith

Kathy Smith, Chair
Constitution Day Committee of Utah
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