There’s No Such Thing as Negative Self-talk! Come Learn More About This on Midday Monday Conference Call!

Do you hear critical, judgmental voices in your head? Do you hear voices telling you you can’t do something, that people don’t like you, that people won’t listen to you, or that your kids would be better off with someone else?

Do you realize these voices are not from YOU? Do you realize that these voices are telling lies? Do you know that there’s no such thing as “negative self-talk”? Come learn more about this powerful truth, and learn how you can turn your life around with this simple truth! Start breaking the chains of your bondage!

Join us for a free conference call with Maurice Harker, the best licensed marriage and family therapist, because he has a unique LDS Christian perspective on psychology.

It’s Midday Monday with Maurice on the topic of “Negative Self-talk”!

Monday, 3 February 2014
12:00 noon
Conference Dial-in: 1-267-507-0240
Enter Conference Code: 541012

You can text your questions ahead of time to 


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