Sacred Gifts: Art Exhibit at BYU

I’ve heard people raving about this art exhibit at BYU’s Museum of Art. It reminds me of all the hoopla about the Etruscan exhibit that was like, what 20 years ago or so. If you are a Utahn and as old as I am you probably remember the big one before that about Ramses.  I went to those because I felt like I should, like it was my educational obligation. I don’t really remember being wowed by any of the art pieces. I know, my high school AP art history probably feels I have failed her, but it’s true. Sometimes it’s hard to engage with art when you don’t know any stories of the people behind the art. Just who were the Etruscans, and why are they cool?

This new exhibit will be different I hope because it involves art work and stories I am already familiar with, especially since it’s about our Savior Jesus Christ.  It is entitled Sacred Gifts, and it involves paintings by four different European artists about the life of Christ. I don’t recognize the names, other than Carl Bloch’s, but as soon as I saw some of them featured in BYU Magazine, I recognized the art. Many of them have been featured on the cover of Ensign magazines. My LDS chapel even has a reprint of one of them on a wall in the foyer. I am hoping to get to the free exhibit when it’s the least crowded. A weekday morning for a homeschooling field trip sounds good to me. On second thought, maybe I will leave the kids home and just have it be a date with dh! Then maybe I will actually be able to linger at each piece!

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