Tuesday Family Fun Idea: Spark Up Family Dinner with These Recipe Books and Table Talk!


My baby sister, the one I blogged about yesterday, who used to work at the real children’s bookstore in NYC featured in You’ve Got Mail, has been raving about this cookbook for years. She loves it so much she gave it away at a bridal shower we attended for a cousin last spring. She didn’t order a new one in time, so she gave away her own copy, complete with penciled in notes for her favorite recipes. That’s how much she loves this book, she is willing to give it away to help a new bride embark on getting in the tradition of fixing family dinner! Of course, she then ordered more copies, so she would have more to give away!

It’s not just a cookbook, it’s a resource book for making family dinner a memorable, connecting time, so that your kids are more likely to talk to you about everything and less likely to get involved in crime, drugs, and alcohol. I really love the resources listed in the back of the book. It’s by Laurie David, an environmentalist.  I am happy to see an environmentalist giving equal time to the environment that has a higher priority in saving, the family. I am always on the lookout for ways to make family dinner more fun, and this book really delivers on that. I loved the resources in the back, such as the suggestion to use the weekly Table Talk Family Dinner downloads from the Huffington Post. I intend to start using these topics right away! I also want to remember to use Pres. Monson’s idea from a General Conference talk several years ago, when he recommended asking children what they have done to serve someone else that day.

I was already partial to another “family dinner cookbook,” the one pictured below, because it’s by a Mormon mommy, Liz Edmunds, who I got to meet last year. I love that Liz gives a template for fixing meals by having a theme for each night of the week. You can read more about what I wrote about the Food Nanny’s book on my blog by doing a search for Food Nanny in the search box in the upper right corner. ( I know it would be nicer to provide you with a link but for some reason my browser right now is not working to give me the breadcrumb URL trail.)


These books both have great recipes and great reasons to motivate you to have family dinner. Although, if you have special preferences like real, not processed food, low-carb food, Paleo, or vegan,  you will have to adapt the recipes. Laurie’s book is a bit more comprehensive, I have to admit. She even has a chapter on what to do about family dinner when divorce hits, as it did in her family.

While my sister bustled about the kitchen last Sunday at my mom’s finishing up her contribution to our family dinner, I skimmed over her copy of The Family Dinner. (I did help her a bit, but I have to admit I was lured into reading the cookbook she has been raving about for years. I already had my contribution all finished.) I loved the gorgeous full-color photos and mention of a special Jewish Shabbat meal. If you need some new recipes and motivation to have family dinner, get both these books!

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