Free with Paid S&H: Car Seat Canopy, Baby Sling, and More!


These canopies, are ingenious, as they have loops that keep them attached to the baby bucket, unlike a blanket. A mom thought of this for sure! You can get one for free, by just paying shipping, by going here. Just remember to use the code given above in the image, not the code you see on the web site after you get there. You can read a review of the canopy here.

How about just having to pay shipping for a nursing cover, a baby sling, nursing pads, or baby leggings? They are not completely free, you have to pay shipping, but it’s still a great deal! I am not big on what my sis in law calls “hooter hiders” as it seems to say that breastfeeding is immodest or pornographic, and therefore has to be “covered up,” which is not the message I want to send, but hey, I guess I am OK with them if it means more babies get nursed. Go here and scroll down the page, past the carseat canopy offer, to see the links to order this other stuff. Remember to use the right coupon codes, the ones featured on the images below and on the Fabulessly Frugal page. Every mom needs a sling! I have used one with every baby and they make a huge difference in keeping baby happy and “getting things done!” I love the prints! Enjoy!



Free Nursing Pillow Coupon Code

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