Sunday School for 2/16/14: Face to Face with the Hero of Covenant Hearts

This is where it all started :) (mostly). One of my favorite books ever!

A few weeks ago dh and I got to go hear one of my heroes, Elder Bruce Hafen and his wife speak at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Why is Elder Hafen my hero?

Because he wrote the above book, which is one of the best books on marriage! Seriously, this book is just so full of golden nuggets of truth. I love all of the references to classic literature, the stories, and the beautiful prose which inspires marriage partners to sacrifice and serve as a “covenant heart” through the hard times of marriage. You can read a summary of the book’s ideas in Elder Hafen’s article he wrote for the Ensign called “Crossing Thresholds and Becoming Equal Partners.” Then he has a General Conference talk with similar themes here.

I have shared this love of the book with my college-age daughter. She is absolutely infatuated with it! She pinned the copy of the image of the book cover on her Pinterest page, so that is why I was able to get the image so big.  (The image on is not very big.)

At this fireside for the J. Reuben Clark Jr. Law Society, Elder Hafen spoke of similar themes from Covenant Hearts. His son Jonathan got to introduce him and that was a treat. Did you know that Elder Hafen is an internationally-known expert on family law? He is also famous for his article he wrote on uncertainty. The best news of all is that you too can hear and watch his speech he gave on January 31, by going here. 

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