Homeschooling Tip Tuesday 2/17/14: Spectacular Easy Science with Spangler!

Lately I’ve been making up for my lack of science ed with my older children in our homeschooling days. At ages 20 and 18, they can probably never, ever remember me doing any science with them. Sorry kids. I just felt so overwhelmed with nursing and potty training and surviving with 4, then 5, then, 6, then 7 kids. I was already dealing with enough chaos that the thought of making messes on purpose made me NOT buy jr. chemistry sets. Now that my youngest is 4 and we are past nursing and potty training, at least for the time being, I can handle getting messy in between meal prep and clean up. Lately we, meaning the 4, 8, and 9 year olds and I, have been watching a lot of Steve Spangler Science videos. I like them because he’s a professional, so you can usually count on the tricks to work. So go watch these and have some fun! Check out the light saber below!

And just to assuage any homeschooling mommy guilt, rest assured that as long as your homeschooling kids have a love of learning, great reading comprehension skills and great math skills, they will do well in science. This is one subject you can neglect in homeschooling and they can still get into college. My two oldest are a case in point.

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