Sunday School for 2/23/14: Is Niagara the Narrow Neck of Land?


Last Friday night for our date dh and I went to a fireside featuring a man who presented an idea that the people in Afghanistan are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The Lost Ten Tribes is probably one of the hottest topics in the church. I distinctly remember an argument breaking out in a Relief Society class when my oldest child was a baby over that topic. Did they completely disappear from the planet? Are they in some frozen land in the north? Well, if you are LDS, just check your patriarchal blessing and you will probably learn that you are descended from one of these lost ten tribes, if you aren’t of Benjamin or Judah, the two tribes that weren’t “lost.” So if you know where you are, they aren’t completely lost. The author of this Ensign article points out linguistic evidence that suggests the Lost Ten Tribes migrated northward and westward to Europe, especially Scandinavia and the United Kingdom area.


Well, if you are descended from one of these lost ten tribes, the Afghans just might be your cousins. the presenter on Friday shared clues from the Bible, especially 2 Kings 18:11 and 1 Chr. 5:26. These scriptures led him to decide that the Lost Ten Tribes went to Afghanistan, home of the Khyber Pass, the famous mountain pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The presenter said that the word in the 2 Kings scripture got changed to from Habor to Khyber. This article here says similar points that the presenter shared on Friday night. One thing confuses me though, and that is that the article I just referenced is saying the Afghans descended from Benjamin, and Benjamin wasn’t one of the lost ten tribes. 


Anyway, I put the video up at the top of this post because the presenter mentioned Wayne May, the guy who is in the video above. I am still previewing videos to share about the Afghanis/Lost Ten Tribes connection to find one that completely jives with what the presenter shared, since he doesn’t have his own video on YouTube. The presenter said that the Wayne May video says that the river Sidon is the Mississippi River and that the Niagara Falls neck of land is the “narrow neck of land” mentioned in the Book of Mormon. He said that the Nephites got backed into upper New York state for the final battle, where they had to fight because they couldn’t escape. They were hemmed in by Lake Erie, the St. Lawrence River, and the Adirondacks. Hmmm….very fascinating. I am not ready to conclusively agree with this but am curious to learn more about it and study it out for myself. We have been talking about this off and on in our family for months. It doesn’t affect my testimony, but it is fun to learn about these things.

Guess what? David Lindsley,an artist, has developed a FREE app presenting intriguing information on the ancient inhabitants of America’s Heartland. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, Android phones and tablets, this app includes: maps of ancient Hopewell mounds, a photo gallery of artifacts and ancient writings, automatic updates of the latest research on ancient American culture, and more! This app is a valuable tool when studying the link between the Hopewell and Adena cultures and the Book of Mormon history. Download the app here!

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