Wednesday’s Well Mama Tip: a Magazine for Breastfeeding Moms!

Breastfeeding Today Main Page

As a new mom, did you ever or do you now get bombarded with lots of free baby magazines with ads for artificial baby milk, articles on how to find a babysitter, how to choose the right bottle, and how to get back to your prebaby job in an office, sans baby? Do you ever wish you had a magazine that actually didn’t have any ads for ABM or bottles and encouraged mom and baby togetherness, including breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Today published by La Leche League International is the magazine for you! You will love all the stories and encouragement from other breastfeeding moms. This month’s issue has plenty of stories, plus an article on the three common obstacles to breastfeeding success, a recipe for yummy kale chips, and an article about postpartum blues. I have collected stacks of the old version of this magazine, New Beginnings, from the predigital age. Whenever I have a baby I like to dig them out and read them, just to help me feel encouraged in my new baby mode.

Read the latest issue here. If you want to get the hard copy delivered to your door, click right here and scroll down and subscribe by purchasing a supporting membership.

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