Picture Book Monday: March 3, 2014


This engaging story is about a little girl in love with a squash. She treats the squash like a baby doll after her parents buy it for dinner at the farmer’s market. She rescues it from its fate and then wraps it up in a blanket and takes it everywhere. It’s funny to read about her parents’ pleadings to get her to give up the starting-to-rot squash. Any parent who has ever witnessed a child’s attachment to some unpredictable object, like squash, will delight in this book! 4 out of 5 stars.


This quirky book will work for you as long as you aren’t looking for something extraordinarily serious or completely original. We’ve seen this message before: don’t have envy, instead appreciate someone else’s gifts and learn to work together, like in the Spoon book I reviewed last week. This book is a fun story about how Goat thinks he’s cool until Unicorn shows up. Unicorn can make cupcakes rain from the sky and turn things into gold. Goat gets envious, but then he learns that Unicorn envies his curved horns and cloven hooves. So then they decide to work together as an amazing superhero team. A great book for encouraging friendship and synergy despite differences. 4 out of 5 stars.


We checked this out from the library on a whim the week before Valentine’s Day and just finished it last week. It’s a cross between a picture book and a chapter book. It has pictures, and chapters, but the chapters aren’t terrifically long, just too long for me to want to read the whole thing in one bedtime session. After all, we had had other books to taste that night. In this story, a kitten gets adopted by a lonely young man who works a menial job by day and unleashes his inner artist at night. An unsavory character steals the kitten who grows to a cat to use him for his own advantage. Then the bad guy gets his comeuppance, a princess acts like true royalty, and the artist gets his cat back and quits his day job to follow his rainbow of painting for a living. This is a great story! I love stories like this where I wonder how it’s going to all turn out for justice to be served! 5 out of 5 stars!


We finally finished this one! Rufus M. made me laugh out loud several times. It’s a chapter book actually, but it does have some pictures. The author, Eleanor Estes, has a great sense of what fascinates kids and the odd, funny things that they do. It’s about Rufus, the youngest child of the Moffat family, who lives in New England during WWI. Each chapter is a story in itself. There’s really not much of a plot actually. I can’t really think of what the climax would be. Each chapter has it’s own plot and then they are loosely strung together. I loved the one about the neighbor’s invisible piano player that mystified Rufus, so much so that he was willing to risk being caught by the ornery neighbor lady by sneaking into her home in order to solve the mystery. Rufus’s determination to get a library card is a great example to kids to persist. Anyone who has ever had a little boy (and I have had five!) will relate to these humorous stories about a little boy and the strange way he thinks about the world. He loves adventure, friendship, family ties, and trying out new skills like knitting and selling popcorn.

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