If You Homeschool In Utah, Please Read this and Act!


Do you remember when I blogged about Utah State Senator Osmond’s “Agency-based Education Bill” over here?

Here is the latest update of what has happened to the bill, thanks to the report of my friend Karianne:



Home School Friends,
1SB39 Home School Amendments made its way successfully through the Senate. Now, on to the House!

These recordings are highly informative. Several Senators made excellent remarks in support of home school families. A few Senators felt that home school families need government oversight to ensure that home school children are being educated. Senator Deidre Henderson supported the bill and spoke against the idea that government oversight is needed. Senator Osmond pointed out that our current law has no enforcement mechanism. Senator Mark Madsen supported the bill, saying this legislation brings home school law in Utah into the 21stcentury. 1SB39 passed the Senate 3rd Reading with 22 supporting, 5 against.

Two teachers from the Granite School District spoke against the bill in the Senate Education Committee. Their concerns reflected what they described as formerly home schooled students that entered the public education system behind in subject areas causing a burden on the public classroom. However, a national study compares home school student achievement in individual states with three categories of state regulation: low, moderate, and high. Academic achievement is virtually the same across all regulation levels. (Please see the attached graphic.)

Many important policy decisions affecting home schooling have been made over the past several decades. The UHEA board recognizes that these decisions are made based on either the perceived or actual academic performance of home educated students.


We assert that it is not necessary, nor is it possible, to prove that home education is better than public education. However, based on numerous studies, it is clear that the average home school child performs significantly higher than the average public school child. (Please see the attached pdf.)


The Utah Constitution cites the need for frequent recurrence to fundamental principles. The UHEA agrees with the Legislature in recognizing that “parents or guardians are a child’s first teachers and are responsible for the educationof their children.”


Through a series of cases, the Supreme Court also recognizes the fundamental right of parents to direct theeducation of their children.


These findings comport directly with this proposed legislation.  For further information on this bill, click here.
Please email the House Education Committee after reviewing this legislation. If you agree that this legislation will facilitate positive change for Utah’s home schooling families,please ask them to support this bill and pass it out of committee. If your representative sits on the committee, please inform him/her that you are a constituent.
Please consider attending the House Education Committee Meeting 1SB39 will be on the agenda of the House Education Committee sometime this week. You can check the agenda here if you wish to attend.  Look at the agenda for each upcoming day to determine if this bill will be heard that day.
To find your Representative, click here.
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