Let’s Celebrate Ancestry!

I have been immersed in sewing Shakespeare costumes the past two weeks, and I am just now recovering. All done while dealing with my springtime allergies! Whew! I like to sew when the fabric and machine work harmoniously together, and when I have clear directions. When one of those things is missing then sewing can be torturous! Let’s just say that after 3 to 4 hours spent every day staring at a needle and thread, two early mornings of sewing starting at 2 AM, three fichus to make, several seams of picking out to do, a few holes to repair, two broken and one bent needles later, one hem to let out, three mob caps and one vest to make from scratch, and three hems to take up, all with a deadline of a dress rehearsal looming over my head, I have finished my apprenticing to the expert seamstress and costume designer Aneladee Milne. I will never volunteer for helping with the costumes for the school play again! All those hours and I didn’t even get billing on the program! Hmph!

I have been fighting back blogging every day in order to sew. But now that the play is over, I can blog more! I have been wanting to share the great news that if you are an LDS Church member, you can get a free membership to ancestry.com! I listened to several videos while I sewed, which made the sewing more bearable. Ancestry.com has soooo many cool resources! 

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