Going to the Beach? Use these Resources With Your Kids!

We went to the beach three days in a week for our Newport Coast vacation this past July, and I am still thinking about how much fun we had. as evidenced by my daughter’s face above. I thought I would post more pictures of my kids with their cousins, along with some resources I wish I had discovered before I went.

The kids found a hermit crab that fascinated them. We all look so shark-bait white in these pictures! We all had sunblock on. Fortunately, most of us did not get burned. I did though, more on that and how I healed it, in a future post.

Here is a fun list of books on the ocean. I still want to read them even though our ocean trip is over! Next time we go I will start reading to the kids about the ocean for some months before the trip.

The Serpent Came to Gloucester

This list has more picture books over chapter books.

My son got to spend his 13th birthday boogie boarding all day at the beach! He’s the daredevil out of all my kids. The rest of them were content to wade and build sandcastles.

A beach lover and mom wrote this fun ebook with 10 Activities to Do at the Beach

Take lots of water bottles and some sandwiches in a cooler. My sister hates eating the inevitable sandy sandwiches at the beach. If you are like her and want some portable snack ideas, check out these recipes from Mommypotamus over here or Katie from Kitchen Stewardship over here.

Do you want to make sure you don’t get caught in high tide, like us inexperienced landlubbers? We were relaxing, catching some rays on the beach when the tide washed up on my son and woke him up in a panic! We quickly retreated with all of our towels and gear. Get a free app for determining low and high tides here.

Finally, Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift From the Sea is the perfect beach read! I read it a long time ago when Virtue was a baby and wish I had thought to bring it with me to remind me of the goodness of the sea. God definitely shows his Hand in our life by creating His beautiful gifts of the ocean and the beach. Why did He create the tides? Why did He create waves? (“Because they look awesome,” says my 8 year old daughter.) Why do we have so many ocean creatures? Why is so much of the world covered by ocean water? I have had a lot ponder the past few weeks about these gifts. I feel so much of God’s love when I am at the beach. I hope to return often.


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